RC Airplanes

Radio controlled (RC) airplanes are among the best type of mechanical toys that are available for consumers today. These devices operate through gas or battery power and they can be flown by using actual aeronautical skills like a real pilot. However, these miniaturized flying machines are designed for recreation and sport. Here is a closer look at some of the RC Airplane brands on the market today.

Rc Airplanes


First up is the E-Flite Timber 1.5 this aeronautical unit is truly an RC airplane enthusiast’s dream come true. The plane is designed to take off from any type of runway imaginable. Regardless of the environment and the ground formation; this plane can take off and land from just about anywhere.


The unit is outfitted with Tundra Style Landing Gear. It is also designed for short takeoff and landing operations. To put it simply, the E-Flite Timber has one of the best specialized landing apparatuses on the market. You can definitely use the E-Flite Timber 1.5 in some pretty rough and rugged places.


The FMS B-25 Mitchell Bomber is a heavy hitting flying machine that is a throwback from the World War II era. This unit is now a mechanized flying machine for RC airplane enthusiasts. It features large detachable wings that can easily be removed for quick transport.


Other great RC airplane models include an 850-foot elevation and three-channel remote control. The Tech One Venus is another great radio flyer that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The plane is safe enough to be flown indoors, provided if it has enough room to maneuver.


Rc Airplanes

The Sport Cub S BNF with Safe is a versatile hobby flying machine that is easy to maneuver and that provides great response. This plane moves fast and hard but it also operates like a breeze. The unit has a recovery panic mode, a powerful electric motor and a great operating system.All of these planes are great airplane flying machines that are just as fun as drones and quadcopters. You can get the best hobby planes at RC Best Prices which provides these great machines at a great rate.