RC Boats

RC Best Prices is the place for you to purchase your next radio controlled boat. A radio controlled operated boat provides lots of great fun while on the beach or when you are lounging at the lake. There are many different RC model boats to make your day out on the water a fun and exciting adventure.

Rc Boats


The Pro Boat Stealthwake 23” glides across the water easily and effortlessly. It is 23”-inches long and is a highly maneuverable craft on the water. The Stealthwake 23” is a great hobby boat that can compete with the big boys.


The Fish Catching RC Boat offers a different approach to the RC boat genre. This particular unit is a small craft that has the great ability to catch real life fish. That’s right, this hobby watercraft can literally catch fish in the water. Anyone using this boat can use it for back-up support during a fishing trip. This particular RC boat is truly a hobby fishing vessel.


Mini RC Racing Boats were made for extreme speed on the water. These units were only created for this purpose and they move very quick on the water to prove this point. The Huge Geese Buster 3 is the kind of boat that literally chases away the geese. This unit is a great tool for geese control and it helps to keep these creatures from jamming up fishing holes and ponds. These boats are highly durable hobby craft machines.


Rc Boats

1272 Carol Morgan Tug Kit is an outstanding piece of boating machinery. It is designed like a real tug and it moves in the same way. This boat doesn’t have speed, power of maneuverability; but it certainly has the detail and charisma for old tugs that many boaters enjoy. This is the type of hobby watercraft for people who truly enjoy nostalgic crafts on the sea. RC Best Prices provides the best RC water craft for boating enthusiasts.