Remote Control Cars and Trucks

How To Get Started With Using Remote Control Cars And Remote Control Trucks


Are you already thinking about getting involved in the exciting world of RC cars and off / on roading races?

If that happens to be the case then you have definitely come to the right place. Well over the last few years RC cars and trucks have evolved into more complicated and powerful things than they used to be. When you were a kid RC cars were simpler, slower, and had limited range due to running on batteries. Now the most powerful RCs are powered by nitro fuels and reach top speeds around the 100 mph mark. Cars and trucks with high performance like that are best handled by people who gained expertise in using them.


The need to have expertise and knowledge brings me to the first and certainly most important point:


You have to start simple and buy RCs that do not require technical know how from the get go. After all you would not give the keys to your powerful sports car to a neighbor's teenager who had just passed their driving test, would you?

So going out and buying the most powerful RC that your budget allows is not the best way to go about things. Doing so is inviting things to go wrong, and almost certainly wasting your money. Resist the urge to buy a monster RC from the start. Instead buy a solid performing basic model. The majority of models have the option to be upgraded so you can improve as your level of expertise increases.


What RC Vehicle Is Right For Me?


What is the right vehicle for you almost entirely depends on the kind of RC you would prefer to look for. Perhaps you just want a RC, which is purely designed to go as fast as possible on the road and be a two wheel drive. Maybe you want to do stunts and show off your skills that way. Is controlling your RC over hilly terrain and the off road what you have to do?


Another consideration is the scale of the RC machine that you intend to buy. Generally the larger the RC is in relation to the vehicle it is a copy of, or the higher the performance the more money it will cost to purchase it. Anyway here is a breakdown of the different types of RC available.


On Road RC Cars


The great majority of RC cars are built to run on roads, having been built to be fast with limited or no suspension and two wheel drive. This makes them best suited for on road racing.


RC Trucks


Most RC trucks are built to take a serious amount of punishment when going over rough terrain. In order to survive such punishment these trucks are oversized, with bigger wheels, shock absorbers, and rugged construction.


RC Buggy And Truggy


A buggy or Truggy is simply a mixture of a RC car and truck. These are more robust than cars even if they cannot take the same amount of punishment as a truck. Buggies and truggies are perfect for fast vehicles in off road races.


Short Course RC Trucks


These are basically a more complex version of a buggy. They are however more complex and powerful, almost certainly too difficult for a novice to stay in control of. These are perhaps the most popular part of the Lucas oil series. Those who enjoy short course truck races may want to try one anyway.


Monster Truck RC


For those of you that put power as been more important than speed there is nothing better a monster truck. It is the powerful engines and the huge tires that appeal to so many people. That and unstoppable torques combine to ensure that RC monster trucks are sure fire crowd pleasers. The drawback is that these machines take a great deal of maintenance and cleaning up. Yet these vehicles are the ultimate climbers.


The Rock Crawlers


If you prefer your vehicle to go over any natural or man made obstacle then rock crawlers are definitely for you. These go through rocks, sand, and gravel. These have climbing ability and power, yet no speed. If the idea of building your own course holds strong appeal then these will be perfect.


The RTR (Ready To Run)


For beginners the RTR vehicle can be the ideal type to buy. It is a good choice for RC newcomers as the box will contain everything needed to start racing immediately in a single box. The beauty of RTR models is that nearly all of them can be enhanced with add on packs as your skill levels rise. That means these can be included in the RC best prices as it makes for great value for money.


RC kits


Some people prefer to make their own RC cars by buying kits. You have to assembly you own kits so you may need patience and specific tools to build up the kit. Basic kits maybe less expensive than the ready made ones though if you are after having higher performing RCs then separate components will have to be brought. If you are confident about assembling and decorating your own unique cars then kits are worth serious contention.


Electric Powered Or Nitro Powered RC Vehicles?


By default the majority of people that own RC cars and trucks will opt for electric or battery powered RCs. These days those batteries are usually rechargeable batteries, giving most cars power for around 9 to 12 minutes. Experienced racers will often take several packs of batteries and a rapid charger if they have entered races, which could last for several hours each day. Off road battery powered RCs will reach 10 to 15 mph, with averages of 15 to 100 mph in road races.


The nitro fuel powered RC cars are preferred by hardcore racers as they are powered by nitro, which is a specialist form of gasoline. Nitro fuel needs to be handled in certain ways so you aired best referring to our overview, How To Maintain Your Nitro Fuel RC Vehicle guide for any further guidance. The more powerful fuel means the RCs have higher performance levels just like real cars and trucks. Average speeds off road are higher, at 20 to 60 mph, and 25 to 80 mph on road.