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   Jay today bringing you another unboxing and review of an RC boat and this one is called the UDI 007.  I got it from amazon com I used amazon prime services so it was $85  dollars with free shipping and I got it only in two days.  As you guys know about two weeks ago I didn't box and review my recoil 26 which is a crazy great boat but, yes it is a little bit expensive and I tell you guys that there were other alternatives out there for a little bit less like this one is only $85 dollars and it gives you tremendous specifications as a matter of fact, it comes with two batteries.

UDI007 Voyager Remote Control BoatIt has a transmitter and it's so on and so forth so getting here a look around the box we can already see that the transmitter included inside is the 2.4 gigahertz one and of course this boat is recommended for ages 14 plus. It comes with a bonus battery ifUDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat Battery you look here on the bottom side we had some of these specifications.   It does have the automatic capsizing reset which means that if you both tilts upside down, it'll go back into its a regular position by itself. It is waterproof it has a deranged warning signal which means that if you go too far your transmitter will start beeping.  Also it has low battery alarm which is again on your transmitter every time you run out of battery it will give you about a minute to retrieve and it'll start beeping on your transmitter which is really really nice and also the top speed on this particular model is about 30 kilometers per hour which is equivalent to about 18 miles per hour.  And I think it's quite fast considering how tiny this boat is of course I already took the boat out of the box and I tested it just to make sure that there were no leads that it wasn't defective or anything like that.

  Now something cool about this boat is that it has tons of protection as a matter of fact even if you turn it on and install the battery and so on the propellers won't move until you place it in the water which is something really really nice especially with kids.  So here we have the manuals, they're very self-explanatory very easy to follow I didn't have any problems whatsoever. Inside of the box we got here the transmitter and I don't know if you guys agree or if you saw my previous transmitter which, I didn't bring us actually in my living room but this transmitter looks cooler than the one I have for my recoil 26.  It has like this padded type of wheel here comes for the throttle on the top you got some of the trends.You can just turn it on it's very easy to do so now but this particular transmitter, you need to worry about you know giving a better or something to connect it.  After you turn it on and you connect the battery on your boat , you should be all set to go. Now keep in mind something that I found to be a little bit confusing is that if you don't place the boat in the water the transmitter is not going to pair. but I'm going to show you a little trick so you can pretend that it is in water and it'll give you that signal that you want so that you can test it before going out to the lake or wherever the case may be.

Ok so inside the box we got the charger. This is just a little wire and you can connect it to any USB port such as a laptop compute. You can use it with your smartphone charger and so on so that's pretty neat also we got here the stand which you need UDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat Transmitterto assemble.  Unlike my recoil 26 it came already assembled but I know that every boat is different out there, so we got here a spare propeller as you guys can see in case you cracked yours or something happens which is really hard to do it comes already with one included which is really nice. So far we can see all the values that we get in with this little thing and now I’m going to go ahead and assemble this real quick for you guys. So here we go ok, so here we have the stand is I saw a clip on so you don't need to worry about having any tools which is really nice and you can also take it apart very easily then, inside you got a spare battery and this is the one that was mentioned inside of the box. The other battery comes already with the boat inside and then here we got the battery capacity is 1,500 milliamps 3.7 bolts.  Unlike my record 26 which has a 11-point 1 volt battery I know it's not a fair comparison but it still is fun to see you know both of them in action. So but this being said let me go ahead and place the boat here on the stand so that he's easier for us to deal with this is the side view of the boat. Here's the front view of the boat. You got the side view from the right-hand side of course so on the back side let me go ahead and lift this up so I can show you better. We got the rudder, we had the propeller we have these two fans for balancing purposes as well as the one on the bottom this is. So that it doesn't flap a lot on the water which is a pretty cool design.  My record 26 acid and it works perfectly well now this propeller is shaft driven but what I like about this one is that it doesn't require any maintenance except that you keep it clean and such because it is a solid type of shaft.  I like my record 26 it has a flexible shaft so that makes a big difference so opening the top you got.To move these two little clips make sure that you moving back to the same position once you're ready to write it inside here. We can see that gasket that I was talking about before which prevents your boat from getting any water and then inside we got the secondary battery that I was mentioning before. So getting this out of the boat we got here the little bracket that keeps it in place we have the servo for your rudder and then here we can also notice we have the water cooling system. The water goes in from the bottom side of the boat it goes around the motor and then it gets spit out here from the side which is really nice very similar to my recoil 26. Inside here I know you guys can barely see this but we're going to have the ESC the speed controller. You have the shaft and so on and so forth so when you plug it in you won't notice any movement on the boat unfortunately,  so everything is going to be super quiet like you see right now okay nothing moves nothing is working.  That's because there's a sensor on the bottom side which is this little small screw that every time it comes in contact with water. Iit will activate the ESC by creating a short on the connector there and that triggers. The ESC to start functioning or you can just UDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat In sideplace your finger on this little tube on the top side and it should activate it. There we go as you guys can see right now it's now activated and now it is I guess this is intended for that purpose so that you can test it it looks to me like a little tiny charger connector of some kind but again every time you touch it it activates the boat. So to pair it all you do is turn on the transmitter then you touch here and there we go it has paired already.

 So now if you want to test it by holding this little piece on the top you the trigger and everything's working,  well let's give us some steering as you guys can see everything is good to go. So now guys with all of this being said I think you're all set to go to the park and test these two guys in action. So I hope you guys enjoy it let's get started already guys so here we have arrived at my local lake. This thing is literally about one minute away and on the background we have the recoil 26 also to go with the onboard camera because I want to record this thing by the middle of the lake to see how well it does . Fortunately I try putting my little action camera over there on this boat but it gets very wet so I was afraid that maybe I could damage the camera.  I'm still going to try it and see if hopefully I don't damage it,  but for right now we're going to leave it on the recoil 26 so here we go let's get started here we go with a little bit of drag racing one two three.  I had to be honest guys this is a brushless motor comparison but that little brush boat is not a joke. That thing has power believe it or not what guys that we have a 4d testing of the boy injured 007.  I really hope you guys enjoyed it was quite hard to complete that testing. Believe it or not we had hard times with the gopro hero4 installed on the record of 26. Other than that I have to mention which I forgot that the battery, each battery is going to give you about 15 minutes.  I know the website says about seven to eight minutes but,  I was impressed to see that depending on how you control it where I was giving it a lot of throttle and then I was slowing down a little bit you know,  depending on how you treat it the battery last year at least 50 minutes in total and that's going to give you about 30 minutes of use but the two batteries. So I think it's quite amazing but this been said if you guys have any questions you know exactly what to do.

UDI007 Voyager Remote Control Boat

Manufacturer Description


• High speed 30kmh 18 mph RC boat is ready-to-run out of the box.

• Super-easy to control - Trigger for throttle go forward reverse. Knob for rudder turn left right. Trim buttons for left right forward reverse.

• Capsize recovery feature - push throttle trigger forward then back to self-right the boat.

• 2.4 GHz transmitter with automatic code pairing.

• Waterproof hull with anti-tilt modular design is built from impact-resistant ABS plastic parts are easily maintained and replaced.

• Water circulates in and out to keep the motor cool at racing speed.

• Low battery alarm - when the battery in the boat runs down to only 1 minute left the transmitter beeps.

• Propeller safety prop wont spin unless the boat is in the water.

• Recharge the battery with USB. Lasts 6-8 minutes per adventure.

• Display stand helps protect propeller and rudder when not in use.

• Ages 14+. Color - White.

• Dimension - 16.7 x 11.9 x 11.4 in. Item Weight - 1.4 lbs.

• RC Boat.
• Controller.
• 2x Battery.
• USB Battery charger cable included.
• Display stand.
• Spare parts - 1 x propeller.
• Instruction Manual.
• Controller - 2-CH 2.4GHz. Control distance - 120 meters.
• Battery for controller - 4 x AA.
• Battery for boat - Li-ion 7.4V 1500mAh.
• Charger for boat - USB cable included.
• Charging time - 110 minutes.
• Running time - 6-8 minutes

Product Features

Race at 18 MPH (30 km/h) and blow other remote control boats out of the water! Do extreme sharp turns and auto flips Super-easy to control - 2.4GHz frequency controller allows multiple boats to be raced at the same time Self-righting feature lets you keep your boat in play even if it capsizes Low battery alarm warns you when the boat is almost out of power so you know when to head to shore This RC boat features a rugged ABS anti-tilt hull, and a water-cooled, single-prop 370-size motor; CAUTION: DO NOT USE IN SALT WATER; For Ages: 14+

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